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Personal Essay

For as long as I can remember, I always had this desire to help people. Whether it was helping out my little sister with her homework, or helping out my mom in the kitchen for Thanksgiving dinner, or simply just helping out my teachers pass out papers, I always found joy in just that.

Growing up, my mom showed me that kindness was the best gift you could give to anyone. The older I got the more I started to value kindness. You see, when you do a simple action as give a smile to a random stranger, you make that person feel acknowledged. Throughout my life I have always tried to find ways to put a smile on someone 's face. From giving compliments, to opening the door for someone else, to feeding the homeless, not only have these simple actions put a smile on other peoples faces, they have also put a smile on my face. However, as I got older a few challenges came across my pathway that sidetracked me for a while.

For years I had seen my parents fight and argue bringing us four children into the mess so it was no surprise when I received the news that my parents had gotten a divorce. It all began when I was in elementary school. My parents were constantly fighting and my mom got tired of all the fighting so she decided to leave my dad and take my little sister and I with her. This happened more than once. The first time it happened was when I was in the fifth grade. I had only four months left to go until I was off to middle school. One night my mother…

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