Personal Essay: Why I Use Linux

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Often I am asked why I use Linux and if I would I would recommend it to them. I wish the answer was an easy one. I cant speak for every Linux user however, most that I have met have something similar in mind, Freedom.

It usually begins with friends or other acquaintances that somehow coerced me into helping them fix or repair their computer. I always bring a decently equipped USB drive with all sorts of Windows programs to help debug and repair but my most valuable tool is my ArchLinux laptop and a sata to usb adapter cord. Many times it is easier for me to pull files or remove unwanted files from a Windows installation by pulling the HDD and doing it through a perfectly working OS in which I have total control such as Linux. They see how cool Linux can look and work and it pikes their interest.

Of course that is only one of the reasons I use Linux. I think the main one is because I love to tinker. I love to break things and then spend time reading, playing, tinkering, yelling, cursing, and whatever else I can just to get it working perfectly again. I mean seriously, try randomly deleting a good chunk of your Conky configs and not having a backup.

I love working in a terminal and love seeing how fast my machine really is. At first,
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I have uses for both and I don 't believe it is worth the trouble to live without Windows. I use Wine and VirtualBox for certain things but my school applications require Windows, several business programs use Windows, and unfortunately, MS Office works better in windows. I will always keep Windows around for several reasons, my family doesn 't know how to use Linux (although my wife is getting pretty good with pacman and yaourt) and until they want to learn, I wont teach them. It would be pointless to force them to learn something they have no interest in so I will leave them with Windows and just hope they will come around in

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