Personal Essay: Why I Believe In Football

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I believe in football. The sound of the swish when the ball is thrown, “Way to go,” said by my teammates. I enjoy being part of a team and working hard for the team and for the game. There are more than 30 people per team and 30 friendships that can be made. All 30 guys work together to be the best. There are 11 players on the field at one time and most have a chance to score. Football is everything for those 30 guys on a team. Although, football can be hard at times, when I play with my team, I realize how much I love the game, and how I would be different without it.

My first weeks of football were difficult because my body was not physically prepared for the season. I believe most of my team was not in shape or ready to play. I told myself that I had to be ready for the new season and run hard every chance that I had, because I wanted to play and be a starter. The coach said I was fast although I
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Part of working hard is learning from mistakes. I would rather work really hard in a week and lose a game and learn from the loss than not work hard and win a game. A loss in football can be a great learning experience for everyone. This may sound odd, but this year we were 7-1 and my favorite game was the one game we lost because we gained knowledge of a weakness. We learned that our defense was not good at covering a pass. After our loss, we practiced this and improved as a team which prepared us for the next challenge.

Football is a team sport, there is no one person that wins the game. Football is collaboration of 30 guys working together towards a common goal to win a game. I love working hard for a my team, and enjoy learning new things with my team. Football is everything to me because it has taught me valuable life lessons. I have learned how to be a good loser, how to work with a team and how to work hard and not give up. For these reasons and many more, I believe in football and think it is the best game in the

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