My Values Inspire Me In The Film Pay It Forward

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What Values Inspire Me?

Values; One’s judgement of what is important in life. Values stick with us throughout our lifetime and develop as we grow and learn. Values are our morals and our understanding of right and wrong. Values are influences of our simplest and most important decisions of our daily lives. Values are the building blocks to a person’s behavior and principles. Within this essay, I will provide primary examples of values such as the movie ‘Pay It Forward’, the life of St. Paul, Sacred Heart College values and my own personal values.

The 2000 film ‘Pay It Forward’ explores the idea of everyone achieving the goal of helping three other people that would benefit them in a significant way. As a result, they would learn more about the concept, receive and/or give the next favour. The movie tells us we can make a difference in the lives of others and glorifies random acts of kindness. By taking the time and being really considerate to the people around us and seeing their personal struggles, we can revolutionize a simple idea and make it inevitable for drastic, positive change. Although set up for
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Firstly, being honest is a big value for myself. Honesty is the key ingredient for a trustworthy healthy for a relationship for anyone you meet. Honesty also opens up a person and makes them stronger as people. Another value that is really important to myself is kindness. Kindness is free and is simple as waking up in the morning. Being a happy positive person comes at no cost and will forever be on the minds on all the people who experience it. Last but not least the last value that I hold in high regard is passion. To have passion about something or someone is important as we have these strong feelings which we can then convert to actions which can turn to greatness. Passion can also equal happiness which also an important value to

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