My Cultural Values Essay

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1. What are my cultural values?
My cultural values vary. I was born into a single parent home, but my grandmother and great-grandmother had many influences on my life. My great-grandmother was a very strict German Catholic woman. She taught me many of my values and beliefs. I knew right from wrong at an early age. She also taught me how to respect my elders. I guess she taught me you respect people in authority, no matter what. She taught me family comes above anything and parents lives end when you have children. Children are always number one. Not to the point of children running the household, but children are our future, teach them, nurture them and love them. My work ethic comes from my grandmother, she worked very hard her entire
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She actually helped raise her 2 of her siblings from another mother. The other mother died and left 9 young children, my mom took two of them into our home. It was a challenge, as the kids moved from New Jersey. Some of my other cultural values are that you accept everyone for who they are, to never judge a book by its cover. I try to uphold this value as my brother finally came out about 20 years ago that he was gay and I also have a son who came out just 2 years ago. I have seen what they both went through dealing with their sexual orientation. My son is the most loving, caring person someone could meet. He also is a special needs child. These are values that I hold dear to my heart also.

2. What diverse cultural values do people in my community hold?
I believe this community is becoming more diverse, but it is mainly Caucasian, middle class groups. I think religion is a major role in people’s lives. I believe most are two parent households, where both parents work outside the home. Most families believe in hard-work, the education of their children ranks highly in the home, and family comes first.

3. How do I suspect that my cultural values will influence the intervention strategies I use with

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