Personal Essay: The Worst News Of My Life

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July 26, 2018 I was finishing up the last work of an online class that I had taken over the summer. I received a message from a friend I hadn’t seen or spoken to in years. Her mother- in-law happened to be my mom’s best friend. I instantly knew something was wrong. I finished my assignment and messaged back my phone number. Within five minutes I received the second worst news of my life. My mom was dead. She had been found in a state of deterioration in her bathroom. It was presumed she had been dead for three days. Her husband who was dependent on her was found alive but barely. I was in a state of shock. I loved my mom very much and considered myself close to her. I couldn’t believe she was gone. Reality hit me and I instantly knew what had killed her because my mother was a prescription drug addict. She had been doing drugs my whole life and she was disabled with Fibromyalgia which had caused her chronic pain. I was angry that her addiction had finally taken her life. Months later, results from Toxicology came in. I receive a call from my sister and she was crying. She stated that mom had died from an OxyMorphine Overdose! I broke out in tears for what seemed like …show more content…
Chronic pain has a profound effect on anyone’s life. Pain causes sleep disturbances and, when chronic, often triggers symptoms of depression. Opioid and opiate medications are the most readily prescribed drugs to treat chronic pain (Chronic Pain and Pain Disorder - Recovery Connection, 2016).
My mother lived with chronic pain and the only source of comfort she seemed to receive was from opioids and opiates. I can’t go back and change how she lived her life, but I can choose to not let my own chronic pain lead me to prescription drug abuse. I have found other ways to cope with my chronic pain, and I know others could benefit from them too, and it might just reduce the number of overdoses and

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