Personal Essay: The Sweetest Aroma Of My Life

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I grew up in a typical middle class home with practical and conservative parents. My mother, bless her heart, was the original recycler. She did things that embarrassed me like washing off the aluminum foil after she cooked with it, and then reusing it. She was always saving things for a rainy day and reminding us that you never know what 's around the corner. I couldn’t begin to count the times my parents told me to slow down and stop and smell the roses. As a child, I didn’t have a clue what that meant. Today, the thought of those special roses I barely had time for fill my mind with the sweetest aroma of my life. My dad would spend as much time cleaning his tools as he did using them. He would wash them thoroughly with the garden …show more content…
I was babysitting for the neighbors trying to earn some Christmas money. My friend and I were sitting in the porch watching the kids play when suddenly we heard the shrill sound of an ambulance coming our way. As the siren blared and the intimidating vehicle turned down our street all I could do was pray. In shock I watched as the ambulance pulled into my driveway, the EMTs jumped out of their truck, grabbed the gurney and went in to take my father on his last ride to the hospital.

The following Tuesday was my father 's funeral and I was struck with the pain of learning that sometimes things run out. Sometimes, the things in life we care about most go away...never to return...and all we have are those memories to remind us that maybe saving for a rainy day isn’t a bad thing. Or that enjoying your moment may be better than worrying about what other people have that you don’t. I’ve learned in my lifetime that the best things we can save for a rainy day are our memories. I’ve learned that people don’t last forever… relationships fail…friends move away…children grow up…and all we have left are the memories we’ve made.

I’ve learned that while we have the opportunity it is best to take advantage of it. Love with all your heart…smile like you mean it…listen and truly care about what the other person is telling you. Don’t worry about getting something new; make a memory fixing the broken thing

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