Personal Essay: The Sport Of Golf

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Golf is a great game. Growing up I played a lot of sports in my younger days I was really good in baseball but as I got older I was introduced to golf in 2003. I have always thought that golf was a sport that was boring and slow but never watched or kept up with it. So, When I first played my first round of golf I than realized how tough the game really is, and how mentally strong you have to be. Golf is a game of numbers there’s so much thought into every shot its not just numbers but also mother nature or the way the golf course is designed.

So as time went on I started following the game and played more then starting to invest more into it. Now these days I have a dream to some day go pro or have some kind of profession in the game. I am very competitive in all of the sport’s that I have played or competed in. But since golf is the toughest sport that I have ever played I am more competitive and more focused because you have to be mentally strong and just like all sports physically fit. But even the pro’s now that you see on T.V. you can see some frustration its like that in every sport but
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In golf you got to have patience its taking me a while to learn that because I am a quick learner but some situation’s take longer than others. I have learned a lot about myself through out the years patience is not my strong suit because I am eager to learn. Now knowing that I have more patience than ever before and not afraid or shy to play in front of people I don’t know.

So in conclusion playing golf let me challenge myself meet new people and get over the shyness of talking and playing in front of different people but the main reason why is patience. I was the most impatience person but golf showed me to slow life down and enjoy every minute of the day and that’s why golf is my favorite

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