Personal Essay: The Experience Of High School And College

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Soft, a hint of cold with every twist and turn, stretches to free the arms and legs from the aggressive sheets. The best place anyone can ever be, asleep on a cozy cloud. Millions of thoughts going through my mind, I was about to make a great discovery when my six o’clock alarm had to ruin the moment. It was time to get ready for high school and I was not thrilled at all. “Why does school have to start so early?”, I thought. Immediately I woke up! Panicked, heavily breathing, sweat on my forehead, I woke up terrified. As soon as I noticed it had all just been a nightmare, I resumed my sleep and waited for it to be eight. I was now attending college and my class didn’t start until nine-thirty, there was no rush. Although mornings as a high schooler felt like a nightmare to me, to others college is their nightmare came to life. College life is interestingly very different from high school life especially in the area of finance, time, and independence.
Biggest and most noticeable idea that comes to mind when hearing “high school and college”, is of course no other than money difference. High schools tend to be free and even those that are not, still do not compare to University rates. Surveying a few people, their first reason as to why they miss high school was because it was free. Now they have to work in order to pay for their classes, books, and utensils, all while having to work
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Sitting in a class that at times feels to take forever because the lesson is uninteresting. On the other hand, in college, a full time student only has twelve to fifteen hours a week. Classes that each individual have chose to participate in, because they found some interest in it. Each class going from at least an hour and thirty minutes for two times a week. Of which during that one hour and thirty minutes, class is super entertaining and time seems to fly

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