Personal Essay: The Darkest Days Of My Life

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The darkest days of my life in Georgia occurred when we started our new family with my mother’s second husband. I hated him. I thought he was a stupid oaf. He was not though. I misunderstood things often as a child. He was actually a good man for many years. We just had a rough start. Firstly, I have forgiven him for all the bad that he did because of all the good that he did for my family. We went from hating him to calling him Dad by the time his infidelity ended the marriage.
I remember him as being violent. The truth about that matter is that I can only recall two times where he was violent towards me and I instigated each one. He and my mother fought often. I do not recall seeing them fight, but I know on a few occasions that Mother called
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My little body and punches to this thick and muscled man did nothing to him but anger him. My mom yelled for me to run when she saw the change come over him. For me, good ol’ “dad” orchestrated a lesson and he intended to teach it to me with brute force. I obeyed my mother and ran next door to call the police. I did not think that he would follow but he did. My neighbor would not open the door upon seeing him. My stepfather went up to the porch, which was about three feet above the earth and knocked me into the neighbor’s bushes. As I lay on the ground, he came and stomped my head twice with his shoed foot arguing the entire time about how I should know my place. The second stomp I saw stars and almost passed out. I cried. I could hear Mom in the background screaming at him to stop. I provoked the situation this time, yes. I, however, was a kid who lived in an abusive situation. My first reaction was to …show more content…
I had determined that Rick may kill me, but not before I beat him about his face. I walked over to Rick and started punching him in the face. Black eye and busted lip later he grabbed me again, never punching—with the squeezing and the twisting and the lifting. He would have flung me into the concrete floor if a coach had not stopped it.
King Noah in the Book of Mormon, found in the Book of Mosiah starting at chapter 11, had a similar experience in that the man who went to speak to him about his wicked behavior, Abinadi, a prophet, had convinced him that he would be destroyed if he did not change his behavior. King Noah’s priest told him to dismiss Abinadi, which he did unfortunately. I was King Noah and Loki represented my wicked advisor who told me to disregard reason and fight an unjust battle with Rick, King Noah dies as Abinadi predicted and I felt like I died, as the warning voice in the back of my mind predicted, after Rick finished with

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