Personal Essay : Strong Enough

1331 Words Jun 17th, 2016 null Page
Strong Enough Roman said, “You are ugly, and nobody will ever speak with you”. “No, you are wrong. You will see” I screamed to him, and ran away. Every day people overcome obstacles. There are different problems that people need to overcome. Some people are strong, and they get what they want, but others are weak, and they don’t get what they want. Strong people go straight to their goal, and they don’t look at hard times. Although, my eyes were getting watery, I still didn’t want anybody to see me crying. Everything started when I was 12 years old. I started to hear other people’s opinion about me. People said that I was fat, and I needed to lose weight. All my family members and some friends said that I was overweight. The worst thing that I heard was after summer break everyone returned to school. It was the usual September day, everyone was happy to see each other. At first, I didn’t notice that not many people were talking to me. Then, I saw a new guy Roman that came to my class. He was tall and thin with light brown hair. Also, he was smart, he knew a lot about computers and cars. At that moment, I didn’t know that I would have problems with him. Classes started, and I saw that not many people were sitting with me. I was wondering what had happened that nobody wanted to speak to me, and sit with me. I knew that I changed after summer I became overweight, but I didn’t know that my changes became my biggest problem at that time. Next day, I saw that more…

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