Personal Essay : Personal Experience

1555 Words Sep 26th, 2016 7 Pages
Ana Preciado
September, 26, 2016
Personal Experience Essay

I had a very happy and fun childhood, my brother and I are two years apart which made for always having a partner in crime. We have great memories of summers in Mexico and running around with the neighborhood kids. Most of my memories as a child are of my brother and I getting in trouble together and having crazy ideas of making tree houses and having a farm. When I turned ten years old my life changed completely, my mom told me her and my father would be getting divorced. My initial reaction was to say no, just plain no. Weeks and months went by before anything happened and I thought my life would continue as it was but one night my mother and father brought my brother and me into their room and told us they would be getting divorced. I remember feeling like I lost my breath and all I could hear was my brother screaming, crying and begging them to stay together. My life was changing before my eyes and I felt numb, I didn’t have much of a reaction. After all, I had been warned months in advance. My life has been shaped from that moment on, that biggest memory I have of my parents divorce is not the weekends at my dad 's, the early morning drop offs or even the fighting between my parents, the pivotal moment for me was my brother, my brother crying on the floor begging my parents not to get divorced. I realized how much a child can be affected by their parent 's actions and how much their lives could…

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