Perseverance Unwavering And Resolve Essay

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Perseverance, Unwavering, and Resolve. Those the very things my Grandmother would teach me a girl like me should have. Those very things were drilled into my very being as a young child, and they would later prove to make me into the strong woman that I had become today. The hot summer’s day, and the appeasing wind that blew very benevolent. This would grow to certainly be a summer I will never forget. The summer that will be etched into my memory for many more years to come. My grandmother’s home was a place that had undoubtedly left a lasting impression on me. To others, traveling, and seeing the world was the only thing capable of leaving an impression on their heart. Why should one have to travel to get a life lasting impression? Such simple …show more content…
It was a tradition that after breakfast, we would all get to working hard for the day. I would then spend time with my grandfather picking cotton all day. My grandfather was always a hard worker, and he made it so everyone knew. If I was capable of only being proud of one person, the impression he left would surely make him the person. I would never be able to forget the laughing, the joking, and the playing around with him as I helped on a task that he was used to overtime. He worked hard for everything he wanted in life. He worked more than I had possibly seen and he saved up for a ring for my grandmother, and after 5 years of hard work and saving up he bound her a gold ring. This would mean the world to my grandmother. Love. That’s what I was taught. You don’t need items to be happy. Sometimes, I would get the pleasure of playing with the kids that lived nearby. We would play many games, get into trouble; like kids do, and enjoy the hot, summer’s day. I felt a sense of accomplishment as my mom was waiting for me at the end of the summer. I could brag to her about all the skills I was taught. I can never forget, that spending the summer at my grandmother’s house was the best impression ever brought upon

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