Personal Essay On Yoga

Zamzam Hassan
PEC 299- Yoga
Fall 2016

An aspect of my life I really want to change is my relationship with God. As a woman of faith I want to practice the teachings of the Quran.I will attempt to become a better Muslim woman through these three components of kriya yoga; Tapas (discipline), Svadhyaya (Self Study), Isvara Pranidhana (surrendering to higher power). I want to become more disciplined in how many times I pray and putting it off. Islamic prayer has yoga like aspects.We pray on a mat and mimic yoga like poses.When we bend to Ruk’u it mimics the yoga pose Ardha Uttanasana. When we are standing with our hands on our chest reciting the Quran it is like Namaste. Salat (prayer) is a way I feel like ease in the world when I am praying
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I recognize that purpose on earth is to worship and spread the word of allah through the book of Quran. Isvara Pranidhana is the practice of surrendering yourself to a higher power which I have practicing to do daily. A way I submit and surrender myself to Allah is through salat (prayer). Beyond prayer I find spiritual connection to Allah through the practice of Dhikr. I can complete oneness to Allah while chanting Subhanallah hamdi, Astagfurallah, or using one of Allah’s 99 names (Ar-Rahman, the most merciful; Noor, the light;As-Salam;the peace). Another way to completely surrender yourself to Allah is by wholeheartedly believing and saying “la ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah” which means There is no other god than allah and Muhammad is his messenger. My complete faith in allah and his higher power has allowed me to find purpose and serenity in a cruel world. It has also taught to to not second guess any of the Quran’s teaching because it comes from the highest of powers. The past two weeks I have been taking my time with prayers and not rushing it so I could go back to my crazy busy life. After each prayer I have sat with a Tasbih ( Islamic Rosary beads) and went through the 99 names of Allah. By not rushing through prayer I am able to connect with god

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