Personal Essay: My Path To Become A Healthcare Assistant

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When isolated by themselves, organs like the heart, the small intestine, and the femur may not initially seem connected. However, a closer look at these organs shows a deep, mutually beneficial relationship. The marrow of the femur generates the stem cells that mature into the blood cells eventually pumped throughout the body by the heart. The small intestine absorbs nutrients and transfers them to the bloodstream, to be carried throughout the body with each heartbeat. These nutrients and blood cells are ultimately carried back to the femur to nourish and oxygenate its cells. Just like each organ contributes its products and processes to maintain homeostasis, the experiences preparing me to be a physician assistant are distinct, yet intertwined. …show more content…
The biological sciences always interested me, but the months of recurring prenatal appointments left me with a strong desire to be involved in the care of women and children. With every additional visit, the connection I had with my OBGYN and Nurse-Midwife deepened. I saw a softer, more personal side of healthcare. I truly enjoy the investigative, problem-solving challenges that arise in treating patients, but I loved the possibility of establishing lasting relationships with patients and using this understanding to improve their quality of life. My volunteer work in the Ronald McDonald Family Room with parents of NICU patients further solidified this decision for me, as I found myself fascinated with each patient’s diagnosis but also deeply invested in their emotional well-being. I sought to learn as much about each patient as possible so that I could better support the parents during one of the most difficult experiences of their …show more content…
I was most attracted to the fact that she was able to lead the diagnostic process while being able to consult with my OBGYN for more complicated cases. I want this same autonomy while still being able to collaborate with other providers. Still, I knew that I wanted to study under the medical model, which guided me to the PA profession. Additionally, I saw the advanced practice provider role as one very similar to the position I have as an Account Manager at Dell, and ultimately a better fit for my working style. Currently, I am the primary point of contact for my customers, consulting them on any technology solutions they pursue. However, if it is a solution that is heavy in data center infrastructure, I can work with my enterprise specialists to collaborate on the appropriate solution. I believe that drawing on the experience of multiple people instead of just the one provides our customers with a better overall solution, and I think this same notion can be extended to the patient experience.
I love the team-oriented approach to my work, but also want the freedom to forge my own path. The ability to explore different areas of medicine is extremely enticing to me, for the reason that I would able to expand my medical training in a variety of areas and advance my knowledge throughout my career. Throughout my undergraduate experience, I spent time learning Spanish, Icelandic,

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