Personal Essay: My Life In American High School

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The 14th of July was my brother’s birthday. My whole family was sitting on a table at night talking very politely. Suddenly my dad’s cell phone rings, and he picks up the call. The person on the phone said his son passed the entry test to go to medical school for free. My dad gave him congratulations on his son’s success because he was my dad’s best friend. My dad finished the phone call and looked very angry at me. In that moment, I was in 9th grade. Every single day I heard the same lecture from my dad that “You should become a doctor or engineer and you have to”. I decided to go into medical field to become a doctor. I started taking classes that were required to take the entry test to become a doctor. I took my 9th grade final exam but got very low scores on it. My parents got very mad about it. After this I took 9th and 10th grade classes together and worked very hard. I passed my 10th grade exam and got very good scores on it. My family was very happy to sent me in college to prepare for the entry test. I was working very hard to succeed, but suddenly the government stopped taking the application for the entry test because of high competition in the medical field. This ban last for four years. My family was very sad when they heard this …show more content…
For the first semester, It was hard for me to understand the english and i couldn’t take notes. I took the ELD, English Language Development, test for the first time and got very low scores on it. When I took it the second time, I got intermediate scores on it. Every single day I went to the learning center to get help on how to take notes efficiently and understanding my homework. I Improved my English a lot by speaking and listening to it. I was unable to improve it by writing down because I didn’t know how to take notes properly. During the first semester, my GPA was very low, but by the graduation time I had a very high

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