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QTeighan Clifford's personal essay

Everyone has the potential to make an impact on someone's life. It could be anyone friends, family, teacher, or even a historical figure.
My grandmother had not only made a significant impact but has made me the person that I am today.
I've decided to write about my grandmother because I admire her like no other, like a second mother to me.
I look up to her many admirable qualities in many different ways.
Throughout my whole life, I would have many playful sleepovers at her house where we would have the most joyful times together.
She would love to take me on trips to many different places like the beach just to make sure I would have the most fun possible.
I admired that she was such a positive thinking
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She was a firm believer that the first step to being successful in life is respect, having respect helps you earn the respect of others she would always say.

I spent most days with my grandmother after school when I was little as my mum would be at work her homely meals would always make cold winter nights seem a little less rubbish.
Snuggled up in her bed with her favourite rose scent filling the room watching old black and white films that I didn’t really understand cause I was only little, but I pretended to enjoy them just to spend the night cuddling my grandmother,
It is great to have such an amazing person to call your grandma. She would do absolutely anything in the world for me.

My grandma lived alone after my grandfather sadly passed away in 2001 that made her want to make the most of her life and live it to the fullest.

2012 October I hadn’t long turned 10and my grandma had become blind in one eye which didn’t help her health, my mum decided to go live with her for a couple of weeks to take care of her and make sure she was okay, not before long that turned into many months but thankfully my grandmother was finally back to her old cheery self.
Months went on and before long it was 2014 one morning I’ll never
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6 months later my grandmother was doing well and having chemotherapy she would be in and out of hospital lots but that never dampened her great spirit. 2016 February 28th we were woken by my aunt, my gran who was critical Lyin in the sitting room couldn’t breath we phoned 999, our most wonderful grandmother’s lungs had started to fill with water.
Grandma’s Full family filled the small dull sitting room With tearful eyes as our beloved mother, sister and grandmother took her last breath.
It didn’t feel real At that moment still doesn’t, couldn’t even bring myself to cry It was from that moment my life has never been the same.
Every day I think of her and everything she went through. She worked so hard to give my family and I the life we love today.
I still don’t believe I’ll never see her big bright eyes again always expect her to come walking home from a trip and it all have been a bad dream.
A day won’t go by that I don’t think of her she inspired me to do what I love, and I wouldn’t be half the person I am if it wasn’t for her.
I know my grandma is always with me, and I know she is proud of what I’ve done, even when I’m

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