Reflection On 4-Hogs

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Hello! I am Hana Pfeiffer and I am currently 14 years old. I am a member of the Barnyard Tails 4-H group. This is my second year of 4-H but I am extremely excited because this is my first year of showing my pigs. Last year, I broke my leg two weeks before fair so I was unable to take part in all of the fun activities that the Minidoka fair has to offer. This year I get to wash, shave, shine, and show my pigs all by myself.

This year I chose to raise market hogs because my first year of it went very well. I had a chance to watch how others show their pigs so I have a better understanding of what is expected of me for this year. On March 18, I went to Our Family Farm in Blackfoot to purchase my pigs. This year was my second time
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4-H has really helped me learn how to be more independent. One challenge I had to overcome in 4-H was adjusting my pig pen multiple times. One thing I noticed is that my pigs were using their feeder as a scratching post. It was ruining the feeder so I had to figure out an alternative. I found an old street sweeper and thought it would make a perfect scratching post. With my dad’s help, I dug a hole in the ground and placed a post in it then put the sweeper over top of it. Another thing that was an issue with the pen was the shelter that I used last year was not working. It was too small and torn because it was built with a tarp. Building my updated shelter was extremely easy. All of the materials that were used for it was donated to me so there was no expenses. I made the shelter larger so it would give more protection for my pigs. I also built it stronger so it won’t fall apart like the one before …show more content…
I started in the spring after I saw the activities that the members had planned for the Cloverbuds. After joining I was very excited because my first service project as a part of the group was coming up. On March 31, I helped set up tables and chairs and prepared food for Bingo. As a part of preparing the food we had to wash and scrub potatoes and then had to poke holes in them. Without knowing, we accidently poked too many holes in the potatoes. We finally had realized our mistake on April 1st when we were serving the potatoes and people were complaining of dark marks in the potatoes. Besides the issue with that potatoes the rest of the Bingo games went good. Before I knew it I would be doing even more service projects such as cleaning out the waterfall and flowerbeds at the Rupert Square to handing out posters to businesses for the 4th of July

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