Personal Narrative: My First Spartan Race

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My First Spartan Race
Wow! I said as I walk to the front desk and see all the races and how long they are. There was a 17 mile race that my dad was doing with obstacles! And my dad looked at me with a smile on his face.
Me my sister and my dad drove for 8 hours to South Carolina in a tiny green car that looked like a lime color and could sit 4 people. My 14 year old sister was there and just sat there on her phone while me and my dad talked about the race. All I can ever really see of her is strawberry blonde hair because she is always on her phone. My dad said he had never done one of the races in a small worried voice. The race he was doing was called the spartan 5 miler and the one I was doing was the spartan 2 miler. I was a little worried but mostly excited because it took a lot of work to be able to physically do the race. We finally got there and it was a ginormous place with so many obstacles it probably looked like a big park to little kids. We
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Me and my friend ran at the same pace and did the obstacles at the same time. We got up to obstacles we couldn’t do we helped each other up the obstacle of through it. Me and my friend crossed the finish line together and we both got water a shirt and a medal for finishing the race without bailing out. I thought it was once a year but apparently there are ones almost every month but they are really far away except one which is in Charlotte about 1 to 2 hours away from where my house is. I waited out of my dads race to see my dad finish his race. I jumped over the rope to separate the spectators and people doing the race and did the rest of my dads with him. His was a lot more fun than mine, I got to jump over a small fire and throw a spear. The only bad part about it was it was long and hard for the spear throw and I had to do 30 burpees because I failed the

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