Personal Narrative: My First Day Of High School

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From elementary school, middle school, and part of high school I had always been the kid that was so quiet. Certainly, I was comfortable around my family but being around strangers made me nervous and scared. Throughout my school years, not including high school, I probably only made three friends. As I grew older things started to change and it was not until I landed my first job that I began to be social. Even though I was a shy person throughout most of my life and I had no work experience, my first job led me to discover a personality I never thought I would uncover. Beginning my first day of high school was so nerve-wrecking because being a freshman was not as exciting as I thought. The school consisted of almost 4,000 students and only …show more content…
If I wanted to keep the job, I needed to be more outgoing and friendly with people; therefore, my personality started to change. The customers who came to the restaurant made it easier because they were nice people. People at school started to notice my personality change because I would hear things like “wow I always thought you were so quiet” or “I never knew you were this nice.” As a result, I made so many new friends and got invited everywhere. Surprisingly, I was hanging out with different friends each week. Plus, I got nominated for class favorite my senior year! Later on during the school year I was shocked to find out that I won. Senior year of high school was a year to remember because at that point my social skills improved and I made many great friends.
To this day, I am grateful that I took the chance of taking the job; otherwise, I would still be the shy girl I was during most of my lifetime. The work experience was a big help, because it made me become more comfortable around strangers. As a result, I started talking to people at school and the idea was not as scary as I thought. My family, especially my mom, is surprised that I started being friendly and outgoing. Being introduced into a different type of social environment helped me boost my confidence and reveal a different personality that led to friendships being

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