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Anyone would be quick to say that their mom or dad is the best. Of course they are going to fight with you about it, but why should you care what someone else’s parent do or has been through if you have your own? They easily can argue that their parents are better than yours. No one can technically prove to you that their parents are better, but many want to show why or how they praise, and respect theirs. My dad teaches me, and many others an endless amount of lessons, influencing me to become a better person every day. He has acquired many of his lessons through life experiences, and helped shape me, as well as countless others into the people they are today. I can sit here all day and tell you qualities to why my dad is the best. However, …show more content…
My dad is someone who is always looking out for other people, and what is best for them not just himself. In life, sometimes you need other people besides your own family to convince you to do something, or inspire you to reach for your goals. With being a father, football coach, and teacher my dad has the opportunity to do that every day. Having my dad involved in my life has made me succeed better in school and in activities I took part in. For example, he always made sure I was getting the best grades in my classes, and proud of any activity I took part in. I can speak for myself, students, and many athletes that my dad has taught them to become a better version of what they already are, he has inspired and gave them the confidence to work for what they really want. He doesn’t give up until that person is satisfied with where they are. Football coaches all the time get criticized for favoring players, or ignoring other team members, however my dad gives them the opportunity to be looked at and gives equal attention as much as he can. Doesn’t it annoy you when a coach favors someone just because of their talent? Also, he once had a football player who didn’t get much from his home life. He acted up in school, which kept him from playing games, but knew he had talent. My dad worked with him to become a better person on the field and off until he was …show more content…
He manages to be a friend to everyone, however at times my dad can be tough on my siblings and me, but he definitely knows when to be there for us, and calm us down. When my dad was younger, his parents were a lot harder on him and asked much more of him then he does of us. He didn’t have them there as much guiding him through his everyday life as a friend. I’m sure you know some families that don’t have a mom or dad they can easily tell their problems to, or speak with. I respect my dad greatly for knowing how to sit down and talk to us in a way more than just a dad, but a friend. Parents are usually hard on kids for making mistakes or making certain decisions, but my dad is also a friend and very supportive in any step we take. For example, when I wanted to switch colleges, and transfer home it wasn’t a very easy decision regarding school, and money wise, but having my dad there to support my decision made things go a lot easier. He knew exactly what to say, and how to figure everything out in a calm way. People usually know they can come to my dad for anything and no matter what he’ll do anything for them! My dad being someone easy to talk, and a friend to everyone has taught me to help others, and even myself when they are having tough situations. I know because of watching the way my dad treats people, I will use this in future situations

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