Personal Narrative: My Diet Of Cold Turkey

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Cold Turkey

I recently gave birth to a beautiful little girl who is covered in adorable little fat rolls. As cute as the fat rolls look on her, all this extra fluff is not becoming on me. The time has finally come for me to drop the thirty pounds that I gained during my pregnancy. Although I have always loved a good challenge, being a mother of three and starting college leaves very little time for a focused diet. Since so much of my efforts are spent tending to the needs of those in my family it would be easier to ignore the need to care for my physical self however I know from previous experience that when I eat well I feel even better. Since I have made the mental commitment the next step is to choose a diet that will work for my lifestyle
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With Google as my favorite cookbook, I’ll scroll through the countless list of Paleo recipes for anything that sparks my tastebuds. Chicken is universal so I will add it to the list as a staple for my meal planning. A roast is quick to construct in a crockpot and the kids will eat it so it too makes my list. To give some variety I will also pick up other quality meats including all natural lunch meats, fish and bacon. It may be a culinary trend, but it indubitably impacts anything it touches. I love roasted green vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts and kale. Knowing they are loaded with vitamins and minerals makes them even better. I’ll include some sweet potatoes and butternut squash for a higher carbohydrate count. These will help increase my energy especially since I am cutting out the processed sugar that has been my primary energy source for too long. Cooking in natural oils such as coconut and olive while adding some fresh herbs and spices will be a wonderfully delicious way to make this diet achievable. Due to nausea during my pregnancy I truly had to snack or eat often so to replace the unhealthy snacks that were my norm I will almonds and pistachios to my list. My mouth is watering just thinking of the delectable possibilities. Just a few more items and I’ll be on my way to the grocery …show more content…
I was once told, “proper planning prevents poor performance.” With limited time to cook each and every meal this quote certainly applies to my plan. I will need to prepare seven days worth of grab and go meals all at once. Working in the kitchen is one of my favorite pastimes. I know the set up like the back of my hand and the fact that it is a small space makes it a multi-tasker’s dream. I will fill the crock pot and being chopping vegetables while the oven preheats. While the broccoli is roasting, I can pan fry my chicken breast, making sure to clean my dishes as I go. Then, I will portion everything into individual storage containers paying close attention to the proteins and carbohydrates ratio in each. One final wipe down of the counter tops, then organizing all the containers in the refrigerator marks my completion. Though meal preparation requires considerable effort and time, it is an important step in the direction of

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