Personal Essay: Loyalty Or Honesty

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Loyalty or Honesty
A nice breezy day with perfect weather temperature war as pumpkin pie when it first comes out the oven. Green, brown, and red leaves moving with the wind in a fast pace however, it was a beautiful sight to see all those colors go together. A windy day with a well needed jacket to keep from catching that bad cold. A big building filled with many windows and a colorful playground that was very fun especially during recess.
She was a girl who shared loyalty with her friends but honesty to tell on things that are not right. Destiny a tall girl with blonde hair with the smell of cinnamon as her perfume. She was very quiet but she was not shy because she always volunteered in class. Her friend name was Courtney and she was the
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Wednesday was the day Destiny had to choose her friend over telling the truth. Courtney had needed a pencil because she left her book back at home but she did not like asking people for their things. She asked Destiny and she told her she could use her pencil but she would need it back because that was her last pencil. Courtney took the pencil and began taking their practice spelling test which was always done right before recess. They were the last ones to leave and Courtney decided it was okay to take someone’s pencil off their desk. Destiny had seen all of this but she was so worried about recess she did not think too much about what she just …show more content…
She gave Destiny a gold sticker for being honest and Courtney blurted out and said “I should have been honest instead of waiting until Destiny said it. Courtney and destiny hugged each other and decided they would still be friends but they would make sure to be honest with each other as well as others.
In conclusion, both of the girls walked home together and even though they had all this stuff happen in one day their friendship remained the same. Both girls learned that sometimes you have to be honest with yourself in order to be honest with others. Also if you have a friend who does something that is not right then in order from them to learn their lesson you have to be honest with others especially when it comes to doing things you have no business

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