Personal Essay: Kratos, The God Of War

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War, War never changes. Everybody knows what a war is. There have been many wars in the past and current and more to come in the future. Everybody knows what blood sheds in wars. Everybody knows the pain people have to endure during the war. But do they know how it all came to be? Kratos, the god of war, was lying beside a palm tree in Mount Olympus in the milieu of the gods.He saw a strange symbol when he was lying beside the palm tree. He wasn’t in a very good mood. He knew who had taken his most lethal weapons, the weapons are, Blade of Chaos, Blades of Athena, and Blades of Exile.
He knew it was one of the 3 powerful gods and he wanted to get revenge. Poseidon, Zeus and Hades. As he didn’t know who it was to take his most beloved weapon,
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But he never seen a god like this in his life. Kratos knows there are only one gods and those gods are the greek gods, but Kratos was wrong, the human, was a unique god, The god is called the Norse god,his name is Hoenir, the god of silent, Kratos was laughing, so he ran up to him and tried to strike at him but Hoenir dodged it and punched Kratos’s side ribs, when Kratos got hit, he tries to ignore the pain so Kratos took his weapon on Hoenir back, and pushed Hoenir and showed the true potential of Kratos so he yelled and charged at Hoenir and slashed his body with the weapon, Blades with Chaos, and Blades with Athena. The Thunder struck again and another Norse god appeared and it was Vali, god of revenge, Vali was irate he dashed left and right and while he shoots arrows it hitted Kratos lots of times, but Kratos didn’t feel any damage so just used his two daggers and tries to slash Vali, Kratos keeps on missing, so Vali switched to his daggers too, and stabbed Kratos’s back, Kratos did too, he stabbed Vali’s body with his mighty, powerful dagger then, took the dagger out of Vali’s body. Vali was aghast, he did not know that the dagger of Exile, and Athena is that strong. Vali and Hoenir dying and could not believe what they just experienced. Their body turned to light, so bright like it was the …show more content…
Kratos opened his eyes and saw, three Gods and a ample amount of army. Kratos got up, and said “This is the reason why they call me Kratos, The God of War.” Kratos whistle the loudest he can, and called out the titans, Chronos, the titan of time, atlas, and prometheus. The three Gods of the Norse is, Odin the allfather,Ve One of the gods creation, and Thor god of battle, and thunder. The Greeks Gods versing The Norse Gods, the war of the gods, the war of vengeance. And war, war never

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