Personal Narrative: My Success In School

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I used to love going to school. I always got my work done which lead to my success in school. I got straight A’s up until fourth grade. That’s when things started going downhill. I stopped going to school to avoid the bullies. Growing up I wasn’t “the most pleasant to look at”, as people would tell me all the time. I wasn’t handsome and I was 147.5 lbs in 4th grade. I couldn’t help that I enjoyed food, nor could I snap my fingers and make me look handsome. I didn’t have any friends or a girlfriend, growing up like that was hard, however I didn’t think I could control it. I remember the day clearly; it was 98℉, sunny, and you could hear the birds chirping from the treetops. I was so upset about the bullying; “I’ve had enough” I told myself. …show more content…
I tried digging a hole, walking around to find an escape. It was hopeless. There was no way out. All I had was my dog and a house. It was really big, I remember thinking I’m 10, why do I need a house this big!?? I recall looking through all of the rooms and in one of the rooms the door was really hard to open. I was convinced it was locked from the inside, but after a few hours it finally gave in and I was standing in front of the invention that changed my life. It was a “personalizer” in other words, you punched in what you wanted to change about yourself and it would do it. Unfortunately, it only changed physical things and once you change, there’s no going back. You didn’t age, or grow gray hair, or anything! I decided to make myself the most handsome man in the world. I lost weight in a matter of seconds and I was turned into a hunky man! I aged 20 years in 8 seconds! This machine changed my perspective of myself. I started to like this place and figured there are no bullies, or responsibilities so it wouldn’t be too awful. After a few weeks of doing the same thing every day, it got kind of boring and I was really lonely. Yea I had Milo but I didn’t have anything else; nobody to talk to, nobody to eat dinner with, nobody to play ball with. I began to feel extremely depressed. Because of this I decided it was best for me to become heartless and coldhearted. I figured if I didn’t care about anything I wouldn’t feel anything. My machine …show more content…
“Wow,” I said staring at her “you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”
I reached my arm out to touch her face “Don’t put your filthy hands on me, you monster!” She screamed at me.
“I am sorry lady; may I ask your name?”
“My name is Proserpina. My mom is waiting for me; can you let me out?”
“No, I can’t. Once you’re in there’s no way out” I lied, over the years I invented a way to get out but I’m never telling her that. She started crying and ran off in the corner. I didn’t even feel bad for her; just annoyed. “If I can’t get out that way I’m going to get out another way.” I knew she was referring to starving herself to death. “That’s not how you should act when you’re offered a place to stay and a handsome husband.” She rolled her eyes and turned so she wasn’t facing me.
“It’s been a week, Proserpina, and you haven’t eaten anything.” I told her, I was starting to get concerned; I couldn’t let my soon-to-be wife die.
“Too bad I don’t care.” She said with a smirk
“You have to eat, sweetie.”
“Don’t sweetie me; I am not your sweetie.”
I knew now there was only one more thing I could do; give her a shot that brainwashes her and makes her love it here. So I did, and now we’re

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