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Ever since she was a little girl, she always knew when those specific set of tones went off on the pager that daddy had to go. She sat and thought to herself, where does daddy go when those screeching loud pitches go off in the middle of the night? Was there someone breaking into the house? Did something bad happen to her family? All she knew was that daddy had to leave and sometimes he was gone for hours on end. She was extremely eager to find out the reason for her father’s absence some nights and she was determined to figure out the motive of it all. Before she had the chance to ask if she could tag along on one of his excursions, she got down to the cause of all the curiosity from a personal experience. It was a day that would change her …show more content…
I honestly thought about it for the next four years, which was until I was able to join explorers. My brother was on it at the time and talked about it all the time, only making me jealous. The age requirement was the only thing stopping me from being an explorer. The day I turned 14, I filled out an application packet and turned it in feeling as if I had just won the lottery. It made me so excited that I could finally learn all about this amazing career and have people guide me and teach me all about it. The best part about it all was that a few years later, after my brother aged out, meaning he was too old to be an explorer, he became and actual firefighter at Salisbury Fire Department. Even though that is not where my dad worked, I was still so excited to have someone else in the family share the same passion as me. My brother worked extremely hard to be the firefighter he is today and that is another factor that made me want to be a firefighter. The thought of my brother and my father being selfless human beings made me have lots of respect for them, not that I did not respect them before. My brother looked up to my dad and I looked up to the both of them, and I still do. They have helped me in more ways than imaginable, in terms of reaching my dreams, and I cannot thank them

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