Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A White Family

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I grew up in a white family of five people. I have two siblings both boys and older than I. At a very young age I was taught that girls belong in the house cooking and cleaning and boys belong outside. Both my parents worked very long days and very long weeks. When I was old enough to clean the house I was given chores that needed to be completed every day my brothers didn’t have to do anything around the house. We lived in a quiet neighborhood where all the kids would play together, but I was not allowed to go outside and play unless it was in my backyard and I could only hang out with one friend. My brothers could play ball on the street and have as many friends as they wanted over. As I got older I thought maybe things would change and I’ll be …show more content…
I had to have passing grades and no problems at school. My parents constantly told me if I want to be something in life I have to continue schooling and get good grades, they weren’t as tough about school on my brothers. Down the line both my brothers dropped out of school and I had all the pressure to finish school and go off to college. I am more than appreciative to have my parents pushing me to do well in school. Growing up even though my parents worked long hours, I couldn’t be more thankful for the roof over my head, the food on the table and the clothes on my back.

I was never allowed to date even though both my brothers had lived in girlfriends and both had kids at young ages. I was expected to finish school, get a good job and then I would be ready to date. By the age of fifteen, my parents made me find a job because I needed my own money to buy clothes and pay my phone bill if I wanted a phone. My brothers also needed to find jobs but they could never keep them and my parents just paid for whatever they needed. Seeing this I thought my brothers were always my privileged than I

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