Personal Essay: Career Goals And Goals In Life

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There are lots of career goals and future aspirations in my life. The types that I have chosen are business, auto shop, manlier, kids; live in Toronto Downtown and lots of money. I have learned lots of stuff from auto shops and business class like that you need a high school auto shop credit, College degrees, an auto license, College English and College math and good mark. This is the things that you need to start your own business., I would like to go to College that is good for this program like auto and business. When I am 28 years old I will like to open my own business like Auto shop to fix car and truck and that he 's my dream of the world. I would like to get manlier and have two kids like one boy and one girl and with a nice job and …show more content…
The types of event and activities that I have participated are Pan Am Games, Auto Club, sports team, and lunch program, play sports at lunchtime and more event and activities. The best activities at school for me were auto club because in the auto club we fix cars and we get some good food every auto club and it was fun to participate with my friends when I was in grade 10. The sports that I have joined past three years ago in my school want soccer, baseball and running with my best friends. That was about my event and activities that I have …show more content…
The types of think that I have chosen are helping out people and kids, giving all of the amounts of money to the sick kids, helping the community and helping out place. After I will find a good job that pay all of good money. I would like to help the kids in Sick Kids Hospital by donating lots of money, close and toy every year. The kids at Sick Kids Hospital will be happy that I help does every year. I will help the community makes new Hospitals, giving people 's new jobs and give a new toy to kids in the community. That was about all of the things that I can help in the

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