Quote Analysis: Freedom Of Speech

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Quote Analysis
“...before I can live with other folks I’ve got to live with myself. The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.”
In our current society there are so many things just flat out wrong. One person believes we shall do something a certain way and from then on we do it like that. Some people don't understand the fact that everyone may not agree with them or they're wrong. They must always be right in order to feel entitled. Especially people with authority. We all follow the ways of our President, our Pope, and anyone of significance in your life. But do you always agree? Most likely no, usually we all think differently and have our own opinions. But will you say anything if you disagree? Also most likely no. You think it doesn't matter if you were to say anything. It wouldn't change their mind, it wouldn't make us do things different. We think one person does not have enough power to change the world. So most of the time even if we think a situation is so unjust we will remain silent. Then later on you will think about all the things you could've and should've said. By not speaking our mind we're letting horrible things slide in our world. The first amendment in our constitution includes Freedom of Speech, so why don't we use it.
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With that being said i'm always looking to impress them and be the best child possible. Because we are all looking for an opportunity to be seen as a better person. So it should be easy to always do the right thing. There are always going to be times where we see something and know its wrong and I'd always like to think to myself as someone who'd do the right thing and speak up. Sometimes I do but sometimes, I don't. If I don't later i'll usually go on to think why didn't I just stop it, it wouldn't of been that hard. This doesn't necessarily make me a bad person but it doesn't make me any

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