Personal Essay: Beep-Time Clock Punch Out Accepted?

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“Hi, guys! How’s it going?” I inquired as I pressed the keys of the time clock
Beep Beep . . . Beep Beep . . .
I thought that I would give my fellow co-workers one last chance to treat me as a human being with dignity and respect by throwing a few kind words their way.
“Oh Look! The genius speaks”
“I am getting away from this place and going home. Good thing I don’t have to be back here until Monday morning”, I thought to myself.
“Harvey, where do you think you 're going?” blurted a voice from across the room.
“Home, I am going home”, I muttered.
“You’re going home? I was sure you’d stop by the magazine rack and buy your new Geek Weekly magazine.”
Beep Beep . . . Beep Beep - Time Clock Punch Out Accepted
“Nope! Harvey’s not going
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Oh sure, they’d be all up in your face when you 're late or you miss a day, but just do your job and you 're not important. Screw up, and they will yell at you until they 're blue in the face.
Just imagine doing an assigned task perfectly, according to the orders given by the manager. However, when you’re done, you’re told that you did it wrong and someone else could have done what you did better and faster. Not just once but every single day. Its degrading to always be considered a second-rate worker when your not.
Why did I even try to keep the plants alive and why did I even try to make a profit for the garden shop during a time of economic slump? I guess I did it because there weren’t any jobs available and getting any available job was just about impossible. If it weren’t for the research I was doing, I would have quit this job a long time ago.
The more I thought about how I was treated by the employees and the managers the more miserable and angry I became.
I walked out to my car, got in and vowed revenge. Geek or not, was that any way to treat someone, especially
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All I could think about was the words said to me about committing suicide.
I thought, “If they hated me that much and would rather see me dead, then why not end it all and make everyone happy. I had nothing to live for.”
As I stood up, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror above the sofa. I quickly wiped the tears from my eyes and took a second look. I realized that there was a real person’s reflection staring back at me. This reflection was of a person who displayed determination, intelligence and the potential to solve any problems that came his way. So what was I doing standing here feeling sorry for myself?
I declared, “I wasn’t about to let any of those snot-nosed guys or those high and mighty self-centered mangers beat me down. I was going to get revenge. A sweet revenge, that would break their spirit and make them beg for forgiveness for what they had done to me.”
Pumped up and full of adrenaline, I rushed down to the lab in my basement and worked feverishly to put the final touches on my project before I would go to bed Friday night.
I got up Saturday morning and just moped around all day. The energy from the pep talk I had the night before wore off while I was sleeping and left me in an even greater depressed

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