Personal Essay: Applied Learning At High School

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Applied Learning

Out of all the electives that I took in High School, the engineering courses were my favorite ones. There were no written tests that required the memorization of topics that the class would not possibly need in future. Instead the class was assessed on projects that were spread out throughout the quarters. I took Mechanical Engineering as a freshman in high school and the whole class got to build their own moving catapult and the objective was to make a ball go through a hoop. It was really fun and my teacher was an awesome guy but he also did not hold your hand throughout the process. He wanted to see the students succeed based on their own hard work and merit. When I moved onto Electrical Engineering the task was to build
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Every teaching style is different but the one style that I could not stand was the hard ball approach. There were a few teachers in High School that I believe tried to make certain courses harder then they needed to be in order to make the students lives more difficult. When I look back on this I realize that this approach made me a better person when it comes to my work ethic but I did not enjoy the experience. I learned best with the teachers that were tough but fair. The problem with this approach is the stress that it builds on students because they are only concerned about passing the class. I remember my Senior Project course was U.S Government which was the hardest out of the three courses due to the teacher. Many of my fellow students decided to take the easiest course in order to just get an A on the final project without much work. The course that I took was taught by a really great teacher that expected quality work. I remember having to revise the essay for my project over three times and I had to make numerous changes to my presentation just to get a C+ for the assignment. I ended up receiving an A for the entire course but it did not come easily. The teacher would never put you down, instead she would give you positive encouragement on how to improve the paper which I thought was great. The main lesson that I learned through this educational experience is that not everything is handed to …show more content…
I took U.S. History 1, Presidential Leadership, and AP U.S. History and he was the best teacher that I ever had. The course rarely required a textbook because this teachers knowledge on the subjects were fantastic. The class was entirely lecture based and all of the information that we would need to succeed was covered. I don’t know why, but I was just able to understand the information so much better when he was teaching it compared to the other history teachers that I had before him. The only problem with him was he was to nice to some students that clearly tried to slack their way through the class. On multiple occasions it seemed like a few students would just copy each others notes and turn them so they would get a good grade. The way to solve this would be everyone would have to do through research on a specific topic covered during class and the next day we should have all went over it as a group. This way everyone would do their own fair share and would learn better in the

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