Personal Narrative: Soundtrack Of My Life

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Soundtrack of My Life My life has taken so many turns, from excelling in football, to being so well know in the hospitals that even other patents know me. Since I was little, I have had a profound love for the game of football. I played all the way up to my sophomore year in high school. In that time I was not proud of who I was becoming and living in a small town everybody knows what you do. I would go out every weekend and ignore my true friends. I made myself believe that my real friends were the ones who took me under there wings. During the summer of my sophomore year my life took a huge turn. I ripped my hamstring and tore my meniscus. After the first surgery I attempted to keep going and only got to play one game that year, but that one game was the biggest one of my life. One day during winter training I blow out my other knee. This is where I started to crash. I refused to tell anyone about it for weeks, afraid of what my coach would say. Since then I have had three more knee surgeries, taking away my dreams of playing football. Until that start of my senior year I was still lost, didn’t know who my real friends really were, but then she came to me and brought me back up. Helped me realize what I had become and who I …show more content…
This song is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. “The Sound Of Silence” was originally sung by Simon and Garfunkel, but the one that flows through me is the newest one sung by the band Disturbed. Just the intensity of the song makes me feel alive. It takes me to a place I have spent so much time, it allows me to relax and forget about everything going on around me. The only thing with it, is at first it reminds me of how alone I used to feel, but then it brings me back to how it is today. It shows how the people can read how someone feels just by their look and that silence can bring light upon any

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