Personal Essay: A New Country, A New Journey

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A New Country, a New Journey
The moment I woke up, I smelled the chicken sandwiches and coffee that were served to the passengers on board. I regained my consciousness due to the loud snoring of the person sleeping beside me. I opened my eyes right before the flight attendant asked me, “Can I get you something to eat, sir?” I said, while suppressing a yawn, “A chicken sandwich and a cup of coffee, please.” She handed me the last meal on board with a smile and said in a merry voice “Here you go, sir.” After having my sandwich, I looked at my watch, it was 6:15 PM. When I gazed through the airplane 's window, I realized that although it only had been twelve hours since I bid my family farewell at the airport, it felt like a month. At the time,
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I had traveled many times by air and had not encountered that feeling ever when the airplanes took-off. This time, it seemed different, because I knew that I might not see my parents nor my older brother for several years. I felt that every day I 'll spend away from them is going to change me a lot.
A couple of hours passed while I was focused on the screen of my phone and the enormous titan beside me doing the same. That kept my emotions stable for some time, until the first meal was to be served to the passengers. It was obviously a breakfast including boiled eggs and potato, with a glass of orange juice and a bottle of water. Nothing fancy, just to fill up one 's stomach. I really like airplane food as it is hot-served, with a special flavor and good ingredients. Not that I don’t eat hot food at home every day, but it’s somehow different.
After having my delicious breakfast, I felt very tired since I didn’t sleep the night before the flight. By doing so, I believed I could sleep deeply on board. I was up for more than twenty four hours at the time, so I asked the flight attendant for a blanket, earplugs and an eye mask to avoid any contact with my giant neighbor. Hoping that I 'd wake up alive, I stayed up for about an hour before I finally went to

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