Personal Emagmentory Assessment From Personality, Teamwork, And Global Responses

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MyManagement Lab offers twenty personal inventory assessments that range from personality, teamwork, and organizational insights. The assessments considered my individual responses in relation to classmates and global responses, this analysis helps further my understanding in relation to interpersonal development. While the revelations are useful to determine interpersonal liabilities and assets, they are fluid and interdependent. The purpose of this analysis is to advance assets and cultivate liabilities into assets. The idea is that all people have room for improvement and can create a targeted plan of action based on the inventory results. The lessons specifically ascertained are work related and are connected to the concept of working with …show more content…
(“PIA”, n.d.). As one who works in a tumultuous environment that is constantly changing, I must positively react to change to maintain lower stress levels. Consequently, my stress management scores show “normal ability to effectively process stress” (“PIA”, n.d.). Stress management is important as a manager, as I am continuously thrown into high-pressure situations which require critical decision-making and can crucially impact the organization. The best fit culture for me would be an environment which highly values collaboration and creativity. It is also vital to allow room for autonomy when making important decisions. In my current environment, one of the assessments identifies that there is a real need for team building. These two results correlate well together, as team building requires …show more content…
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