Personal Dilemma Experince Essay

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Recently, within the past year, I was faced with a moral and ethical dilemma, which forced me to choose between honesty and loyalty (punc.) and the result of that choice will hopefully guide me in future decisions.(Good opening sentence) At the time of the incident I was working as a pharmacy technician in ________. The dilemma I was faced with involved a fellow technician who was hired at the same time as me and the two of us had become close friends during the course of our employment. Now this friend of mine was obsessed with bodybuilding to the extent that he was willing to steal intravenous steroids from the pharmacy. As a friend I tried to warn and convince him to stop stealing but because he was consistently successful in doing so, …show more content…
To this day I don’t know if I made the right decision and it still haunts me.
When analyzing a situation from the outside, it is always easy to say what’s right and what is wrong because as an outsider there are no consequences in this judgment. From an empirical point of view the choice I had to make was very simple but it was the emotional and psychological elements that tore me apart.[F6] I know some would say that my friend did not deserve my loyalty due to his own indiscretion and that he was jeopardizing our friendship. Yet he never asked me to lie for him, in fact he was probably naïve in trusting me to keep this secret. In hindsight, I could have pleaded ignorance to my employer and since there was no real evidence against me, I doubt I would have been terminated. At the time, I thought I was doing the right thing. I was standing up and being honest as was taught to me by my parents and educators since childhood. Yet why was the burden on my shoulders? What was my duty to my employer? Perhaps my only duty was to do my job and come in on time and nothing beyond that. What was my duty to my friend? Keeping a friend’s secret is also (a) value that has been instilled in me. These opposing values were in constant conflict within me and were actually causing physical duress and sleep deprivation. When I reflect on my decision, a part of me knows that it was fear that guided me not morality or ethics. Maybe I told on him

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