Ethical Behavior Definition

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Ethics is the moral that every profession must have. Each profession has its ethics that are distinct from another profession 's ethics. Just as morals are to a community so are ethics to a profession. Some acts may not be ethical but are lawful while some may be unlawful yet they are moral. Therefore, to define an ethical behavior, one must first understand what ethics is. Ethical behavior is acting in ways that are consistent with not only a community but also more so to the desires of a profession (Burrow 201). Ethical behavior tends to be good for a profession and business, and it involves showing respect to fundamental moral principles, which include honesty, dignity, equality, fairness, individual rights, as well as diversity.
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An individual can build his or her career when they uphold ethical behavior and standards. That is because ethics are the morals of a profession. Upholding ethical behavior by an individual enhances their professional growth because it forms the basis upon which they can build their professional growth. Failure to uphold these standards can lead to one losing his or her hard-earned job. The ethical background of an individual determines the recommendations they get from other members of the society. That is because each professional has a name to defend so is the profession. No one would like to be involved in a profession that does not have good ethics and …show more content…
Disadvantages of Upholding These Standards
Some of these standards might be ethical, but they can be unlawful depending on the profession. One may end up in jail because of upholding some of these standards. That is because most of the professionals are much more conversant with ethical behavior than they are with unlawful behavior. Upholding some ethical behaviors that are unlawful is because of the desire of the professional to maintain his or her career and forget about the law. Most people are busy and blinded by their career that they may even not beware of the law hence ending up on the wrong side of the law.
Ethical practices are also a disadvantage because it sometimes goes against the wish of an individual. People come from different social and religious backgrounds. Not all the ethical behaviors of professions are flexible because they are universal and may not change to accommodate some few individuals. Some professionals are forced to go against their norms and traditions socially because they have to uphold their profession 's ethical standards and practices. It would only be fair if they all accommodated all the religious and social

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