Jerry Nagel World View Of Personality

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Personality is the dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determines the characteristics behavior and thought. Personality is also defined as the characteristics and behavior of a person that makes the person unique and different from other individuals. Personality identity defined through different views such as idiographic view and nomothetic view. Idiographic view assumes that each individual has a unique psychological structure and some characters are only possessed by one person only, and it is very difficult to compare one person with other people. Nomothetic view emphasizes that individuals can be compared. It sees that people possesses traits that have the same psychological meaning. Personality …show more content…
Worldviews are pervasive in every society, they are believes and assumptions by which we as individuals make sense of reality within the language and traditions of our culture. Our world views provides us with the answers to the life’s big questions, they are what we base our predictions on, and they are our hopes and dreams of the future. An individual can understand his or her worldview through different world experiences, the experiences with your parents and family in school or in church, by reading books or watching movies or television o with your social interaction with friends and colleagues. It is this latter source that helps us to know the world views are both individual choice and a group phenomenon. World views can collide when people try to enforce their own world views on others. (Nagel,2015) Worldviews reflects the spiritual thoughts, the meaning of life, how to interact in the natural world and how you relate with others. For one to understand his or her world views, one should relate world view to community, cultural, environmental, family, gender and sexuality orientation. This has personally helped me to understand my world view not only in the physical way but in the cultural and spiritual way. Cultural word views expects individuals to behave the way the society expects. The society I grew up in believes in honor- shame as a worldview. The society teaches children to make honorable decisions according to the situations they are in. I grew up knowing that I have to work hard, make good decisions interact with others well and be good in communication, business dealings so as to have effect on the honorable in the society. Personally I believe that the meaning of life is doing well to others by helping the needy. To understand human nature, learn how to identify and solve problems in the world. At times we believe that human being are

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