Personal Contribution Of A Team Essay

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1. Personal contribution to the team
Overall I did a supportive job in my team.

In the beginning of the team project, I wrote down my team members’ MBIT type and asked about their working habit, so we could know each other better and work more efficiently together. I found out that all of us were introverted and preferred to work individually first and combine our thoughts together later. Therefore, I helped my teammates to allocate individual tasks to each one of us. This allocation helped every team member to know what part of the project that they should be responsible for in the beginning of the project.

Then, during the project, I searched more than ten research articles and journals about history and origins of big data. This helped my team members to have a basic overview of what Big Data was and why it was important for various industries and businesses. In addition, when our team was struggled to find supportive examples of using big data in different companies. I emailed the team in Professor Cook’s class, who did the same project, to ask for their suggestions on finding examples. At last, I was able to found nearly 70% of the examples of the usage of Big Data in different industries and companies, including Capital One, United Healthcare, Arby’s, Starbucks, Heathman Lodge, Audubon Society and MasterCard. This helped our team to illustrate the wide usage of Big Data. Moreover, I also thought of some possible questions to be asked by the judges, so my teammates…

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