Personal Code Of Ethics And Ethics Essay

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Personal Code of Ethics

As an accountant, my code of ethics encompasses integrity, communication, respect, and confidentiality. In order to uphold a high level of integrity in my personal and work life, it is important to develop and follow a personal code of ethics. This code of ethics will be used to inspire me to continue to grow as a person. When facing hard decision in which the right answer is not obvious, I will be able to refer to this code of ethics to facilitate my decision. As an accounting professional, my word and reputation are vital to my career. Therefore, I must be carful in the decisions I make and in the actions I take to remain above reproach.

I aspire to be an honorable, a trustworthy, and a loving person in everything that I do. To foster good working relationships it is important for me to be honest, respectful, transparent, and a good listener. To achieve this I must set high standards for myself and reflect daily on these standards to influence how I live my daily life. These standards will help me grow and foster many virtues that I already posses:

• I will listen carefully when someone is speaking to me
• I will help others whenever possible
• I will maintain a high level of sincerity
• I will be honest in all communications
• I will build relationships with mutual trust and respect
• I will keep all sensitive information confidential and will seek the approval to discus the information before doing so
• I will accept responsibility for…

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