Personal Branding Essay

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The Internet is a tool that allows any user to command his future with the click of a mouse. It has made possible connections and interconnections that grow into a wonderful web community. The Internet has revolutionized career development for personal empowerment, self-management and networking. It allows us to discover, create, communicate and maintain out personal brand for our future. The Web gives us the opportunity to promote “our brand” for ourselves by joining a social network and using our page as a billboard to advertise our talents and goals. Developing a personal brand makes us a more valuable asset, whether to the company we work for, a potential employer, or your own enterprise. This paper discusses the development and …show more content…
After profile creation is completed, it allows you to find out who you can connect to so you can expand your network. As such, recommendations can be received and given from clients, co-workers, managers and partners. These can act as firsthand endorsements of your performance in a current or past job. Furthermore, as long as your audience on Twitter is identical to your LinkedIn profile, you can sync them which allow you to scale your brand. So instead of updating both platforms with your contacts, you can just share all of your contents with the @ and #tag. While some are using the popular site as a job-search locator, some will build their business one contact as a time.
Why Facebook
Professionals often promote themselves on Facebook because it is home to over 400 million users. The population is even greater than the whole of United States. An example is that political candidates, like President Barack Obama use this platform to win elections. Facebook should be certainly used to a career advantage. Aside from searching for your friends and colleagues, you can retrieve them from your Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo! Account. While LinkedIn addresses your professional profile, Facebook does caters more to your social interests such as favourite movie, music, idols, jobs, religion and so on. The more information you put up on Facebook, the more someone can learn about you.
Why and Why not Twitter
When it comes to building a career, Twitter is

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