Personal Benefits Of Volunteering

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Register to read the introduction… People who have volunteered in the past often become emotionally involved and are more likely to volunteer again in the future, either on the same project or a new one. It is not uncommon for volunteers to return home with a determination to continue their good work in the local community as well.
Personal Benefit
As well as offering travellers the opportunity to develop their skills, build up their CV and explore the world, volunteering can also offer personal benefits. Many volunteering organisations, including i-to-i, offer past volunteers a discount on their products, so their future travels can be a lot less expensive. In some cases volunteers offer their help because it is an issue that is close to their own hearts and if this is the case it can be even more rewarding when they see the fruits of their labour.

In most cases the biggest personal benefit is simply feeling good about yourself. Volunteers make a real difference to the world we live in, be it through conservation work or teaching, and they can go home knowing they have done something amazing. What's more, Volunteering abroad encourages significant personal development and volunteers will usually go home more confident, happy and outgoing
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My parents and I were sitting in the living room watching "America's Funniest People." Everything seemed fairly normal until my mom reached for the TV Guide. She lost her balance and could no longer speak. It was not clear to me what happened. It was so quick! I remember hearing the ambulance and looking from my aunt's window, where I was sent. The tears poured from my eyes as it drove away. I later found out that my mother suffered a severe stroke, necessitating a long hospital stay. I was devastated! I felt like my whole world had been turned upside down. Nothing hurt me more than visiting my mom in such a somber environment. I hated the hospital, the waiting, and the fact that my helpless mom was forced to stay there. Fortunately my views changed thanks to some very special people. Every day I saw volunteers in the hospital lending a helping hand or speaking an encouraging word. They were always there when someone needed them. I was so impressed! I spent the next summer volunteering at that same hospital. I wanted to give back to the volunteer community what it gave so unselfishly to my mother. I have been volunteering ever since. I honestly believe volunteering is far more important than material things. It builds character, self esteem, and is a terrific learning experience. Not to mention a blast! I wish you could see the look in a child's eyes when you have helped them to win a game, or the

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