Personal Beliefs And Values Of Healthcare Essays

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Most would agree that the healthcare field is extremely complex and that the diversity of healthcare services provided within the industry are extensive to say the least. The healthcare industry and the majority of the services provided are generally not well understood by most people; however, healthcare is often a source of debate within this country. Additionally, some of the intricacies involved in providing healthcare for individuals or groups of individuals and how personal beliefs and values may, often subconsciously, play a role in healthcare-provider decisions is often not taken into consideration by the general public. Furthermore, there are numerous levels of healthcare providers in the United States, each with specific skill-sets, serving the medical needs of all income levels and all severities of disease states adding to the complexity of the continuum of care. Finally, many healthcare providers ' roles have changed significantly in the last decade, and they have become more integral in providing services in areas of public health where healthcare-provider shortages existed previously. The purpose of this paper is to discuss my personal beliefs and values that affect my approach to population health, talk about my current role as a healthcare provider and my part in promoting public health and lastly, to discuss some of the strategies and approaches I have recently been exposed to that, in my opinion, will greatly improve population health. One of the most…

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