Essay about Personal Attributes Valued By Employers

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Explain the Personal Attributes Valued by Employers
Section 1:
Personal attributes needed in ICT Employment, the three that I have chosen to do is leadership, respect and planning and organisation skills.
Having admiration for someone and their achievements and not judging them on their appearance and what colour or gender the person is defines respect. In addition you look up to them and aim to be as good as or better than that person. Respect is crucial in the workplace because when working with other members you need to be able to get along and respect that they might have other work to do. In addition they might have personal issues which are causing them to not concentrate and so you should respect them and not have a go at them because they haven’t done anything. Respect is closely linked to viewing different religions because different people have different backgrounds and this should be respected because as a result of them having different backgrounds they will also have beliefs that differ from your own and if you don’t respect them then you could be being racist whereas it could just be that you doesn’t understand the reasons for their beliefs and that you need to be accepting of the different beliefs and not treat them differently to anyone else. Respect also plays an important role when it comes to women as many people are sexist against female because they believe that they are not as capable of completing the work but really they are just as able as…

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