Self Assessment Approach Essay

A self-assessment is a thorough evaluation of one’s self and actions and attitudes. When thinking about personal self-assessment approaches or ideas, there are seven theories that come to play when describing a person’s self-assessment. All humans are required to have contrasting personalities and in doing so, scientist and personality theorists come up with several approaches that distinct human beings from one another; some people may have the same personalities, some people may have the same personalities, these seven approaches are what describes people in general. The seven approaches are Freudian, Neo-Freudian, Trait, Biological, Humanistic, Social/Behavioral, and Cognitive. Not each person will have the same approach to their personal …show more content…
Behaviorism is mainly with the observable and measurable aspects of human behavior. An example would be when behaviors become unacceptable or unmoral, they can be unlearned. There are 3 theorists within this approach: Ivan Pavlov, B. F. Skinner and John Watson. They all created interesting beliefs on how an individual’s personality is based on learning an example would classical conditioning where each behavior has a response and stimuli. Some assessment that correlate with behaviorism is locus of control and self-efficacy, both are based on outcomes either dealing with one’s self and the environment. My result for the locus of control assessment was a 7 based off a range of 0-13 A high score indicated an external locus of control while a low score indicates an internal locus of control. Looking at my score I would say I have a mind range of locus of control meaning I think I have control over what happens to me but with some circumstances I believe outside forces and influences do what happens to me like luck, chance and faith. My results for the self-efficacy quiz was a total of 37 based off a total range of 10-40 with the higher score meaning a higher self-efficacy. This result indicates I have high self-efficacy meaning that I’m very confident in myself when it comes to completing tasks and goals I set for myself and I’m not doubtful of my own

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