Essay about Personal And Leadership Development Plan

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This essay is focused on a period of my life between 2008 - 2011 that shaped my current management style and provides the basis for my personal and leadership development plans going forward.

I will be reflecting on experiences that underpin the importance of understanding group and individual behaviour in a leadership context that will encompass references from material covered in module one such as “The Cultural Web (Johnson and Scholes), Shareholder vs Stakeholder Value (Milton Friedman) and The psychology of change management (Lawson and Price).

The purpose of returning to these situations is to explore what I learned during that period, how it forms my current thinking and to critically analyse the impacts of these experiences as it relates to my current personal development plan.

The time I’m reflecting on is and account and analysis of working under two of my previous managers and their contrasting approaches to navigating the seismic change between working for a publicly traded bank focused on internal risk management and governance that were bought by private equity firms that were focused on shareholder value.

This draws on key themes I reflected on during the first module related to managing change in a dynamic environment, the importance of listening to people and respecting the past when initiating change and why identifying willing agents is central to delivering a successful programme of change.

I worked originally in our Cambridge office between…

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