Personal And Family Related Benefits Of Travel Essay

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Far and Away: Why You Should Consider Allowing My Brother and I to Travel to Iceland
Recently, we have discussed the possibility of me taking my brother on a trip to Iceland. I realize that, like most parents, you are skeptical of the idea of us traveling away to an unknown country by ourselves. I can understand your displeasure with the idea of your two oldest sons leaving into what you may perceive as a dangerous endeavor half way around the world. However, now that we are both coming into adulthood, I believe that we have the right to make the decision to embark on such a trip by ourselves. Growing up you taught us to carefully consider things before we made decisions and this is exactly what I have done. I have spent the past month doing research and looking into the benefits, safety concerns, and quality of our trip so as to both prepare us, and to help you see why we have chosen to do this. I have done research on the various personal and family related benefits of travel, as well as the excellence of Iceland itself as a travel location. Traveling is beneficial to personal development and well being; Traveling with family builds stronger relationship; and traveling to Iceland is an excellent and I might add, world class adventure. Based on what I have researched, I can assure you that we will be safe and prepared for such a trip, that Iceland is indeed a fantastic place to travel to, and that we will benefit greatly in both experience and brotherly relationship through…

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