Personal Analysis Of Jeanette's The Glass Castle

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When we were assigned to read The Glass Castle I was skeptical of how I would feel about it. Usually when we are forced to read a book in class I never find it appealing and often don 't actually read the entire book, but I was pleasantly surprised. This story was so capturing and interesting to see how Jeanette lived. She was put through so much and was raised by parents who were unstable, she struggled every day of her life but somehow she found a way to see the positives in her life. Never once did she lose hope, nor did she give up. Jeannette Walls most definitely had many more hardship than I could ever imagine, but I did relate how she identified with her image. She didn 't think she was beautiful, when she looked in the mirror she saw …show more content…
I started researching my type of hair and how to take care of it properly and wore my afro out to school. There was a little part of me that was afraid of the reaction, but the other part of me that didn’t care was too strong. I was tired of feeling ashamed of my different features, I was different and that was what made me unique. No other person in my school looked like me and that was what made me stand out in the crowd, and I started to appreciate that. I also started working out over the summer, I wasn’t happy with my outer appearance . I couldn’t have this new outlook on life and new found personality with a body that didn’t match. And I wouldn’t achieve a new body by wishing for it, so I worked for it. And by the end of summer I had lost a total of twenty four pounds. It felt amazing and I felt so confident, I walked with my head held high and looked people straight in the eye. I was enjoying life and everybody started noticing. I began making more friends and started getting invited to more and more social events. I was having the time of my life, even cheerleading was getting better. I had been practicing and working on my technique, my improvement skyrocketed out of nowhere and I earned a position on varsity. I felt so blessed, everything was going my way and I was finally becoming the person who I wanted to be. All along I had felt there was more to me than just the title of the ugly, awkward black girl and I finally found what it was. I was able to look in the mirror and smile, I was content with myself as a whole. Everything was going to be alright and I knew it, I had no worries or doubts about

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