Personal Achievements : My Top Four Multiple Intelligences Essay

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Assignment 1

Personal achievements: I am proud of my basketball career for what i 've done not only here at school but out of school teams. At school our season was great this year we finished with 8 wins and 3 losses. We also made it to playoffs but unfortunately lost in the first round to A.Y Jackson. Also I play for team called Ottawa Phoenix its AAU team meaning we play in the states. I haven 't been with them for long but right now it 's all about training then we have a series of tournaments. Also in grade 8 I played for a team called Thunderbolts we have 2 silver medals from tournaments, that year in middle school at my years at Pinecrest we had also came first in our division and received a gold medal. At home I also got series of medals regarding basketball; mvp’s, skills and tricks, tournament medals etc..

Multiple intelligences: My top four multiple intelligences are logical/mathematical, intrapersonal, visual/spatial, and body kinesthetic. Logical/ mathematical scored in at a total of 30. I usually work best when I’m in an organized area, for example I keep my room really neat all the time to always have a tidy working space. I also really enjoy games that make you think for example Jeopardy, Clue, and word searches. My second MI was interpersonal which scored at 28, I usually interact pretty well with people. I also really enjoy playing team sports for example basketball you can 't doing everything yourself; scoring, defense, rebounding etc.. But when the…

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