Person Who Has Impacted My Life Essay

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There are times in our life we all struggle and need someone to teach us the way or just give us a little guidance. For me that someone has taught me so much. They have taught me all the skills I have learned throughout the years in the five sports I play, and all the life lessons that came along with it. I remember during these times it was not always easy. It was frustrating and discouraging when I could not figure it out. It may look easy for softball players to throw or hit the ball, or for a volleyball player to serve the ball, or a soccer player to kick the ball to where they want it to go, or even for a basketball player to make a basket. But it is certainly not. All these things take patience and understanding. I have had these skills …show more content…
I am grateful for each and every one of them, but would not want to have anyone other than my own father make the biggest impact on my life. We have taught each other so much and been through so much together. Before I was born, my dad had a tooth disease which lead to his heart. This caused him to have a stroke at the age of 25. He was in bad conditions. He had to get both of his valves replaced and was in the hospital for months. After he was out of the hospital, he had to live in a house for a year or two to recover because he could not talk very well and could not function on his own. After this had happened my dad was no longer able to work and still to this day has not. My mom was now the only one providing for my three siblings and I. This is something I have had to deal with for my whole life therefore growing up for me was a bit different. My dad did not have a job, so therefore he was always home I never got to have the chance to experience a babysitter like most kids. I am glad this is how my life is. I have enjoyed all the times with my father. We always were doing something, whether it was going on bike rides, playing catch, walking on the railroad tracks, or even napping together. You could find us doing anything together. Even though my dad was “disabled” he was always willing to do anything with my siblings and I. Even …show more content…
It was in the back of each one of my family members minds, whether we want to admit it or not. We knew someday he would complain again and be in pain. Just this past year that time came. It was during basketball season and as much as he hates to complain he was always complaining about having pain in his chest. My mom took him to the emergency room and doctors office several times. Finally, she took him to Iowa City where he had gotten his first ever surgery done. When they went on this trip my sister and I woke up to a house full of smoke and it was extremely hard to breathe because of my asthma. We were home alone and did not know what to do with the thought of our house burning down. At this point I did not think things could get any worse. I thought I was losing everything my home my dad the things that meant the most to me. I had to be the big sister though and hold everything together. Thankfully my dad was going to be okay and the house was not on fire. We were still continuing to take my dad to the emergency room and continuious answering phone calls from the doctors. We finally found out he needed surgery a big surgery. It kept getting moved we waiting for five to seven months we did not know if he would make it that long but as long as he stayed strong and patience so would we. The day finally came. We were up at four to be at the hospital around 5:30. The doctors took him back and got him

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