Person Centered Therapy Essay

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PCT Essay 1


What do you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of the person-centered approach? What concepts and methods might build effective bonds with clients? Discuss any shortcomings in staying with this orientation.

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PCT Essay 2


This essay would attempt to explain the fundamental concepts and therapeutic methodologies that might build effective bonds with clients.
It would also discuss the strengths and weaknesses within the person-centered approach. The key concepts include self-actualization, conditions of worth, the fully functioning person, and the phenomenological perspectives. The therapeutic
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The therapist communicates this attitude to the client with a willingness to listen without interrupting, judging, or giving advice. This attitude of positive regard creates a nonthreatening context in which the client feels free to explore and share painful, hostile, defensive, or abnormal feelings without worrying about personal rejection by the therapist (retrieved from '* * PCT Essay 6

Lastly, the third necessary component of a therapist's attitude is empathy (accurate empathetic understanding). This refers to the therapist appreciation of the clients' emotional feelings and personal meanings as they are experienced in communicating this back to the client.
In other approaches, this is considered a preliminary step to enabling the therapeutic work to proceed. However, in PCT, it actually constitutes a major portion of the therapeutic work itself
[Corey, 2005].

On top of the standard techniques, such as eye contact which are common to any good listener, therapists using the PCA also reflects back to the client what they had said, which is the paraphrasing and/or summarizing of what the client has just said. When counselees hear their thoughts and

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